Moonlight & Mechanicals by Cindy Spencer Pape

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The Gaslight Chronicles are a series of (steamy) steampunk novels about finding love while keeping the supernatural aspects of life under control.
In Moonlight & Mechanicals little Wink Hadrian steps up to play. Now 24 years old and employed as an engineer for the Order (of the Round Table), Wink delights in a chance to aid the Knights, including her foster brother Tom and his best friend Connor. Better yet is Wink’s latest mission, searching for people missing from the poor areas of London, which has given her a chance to work alongside Liam McCullough, the sexy werewolf Inspector she has been in love with since he saved her life eight years ago.

Moonlight & Mechanicals is more than just a love story. It is a steampunk thriller, complete with remote control robots, vampires and treason. The love triangle is just a bonus for the romantic in us all.
My Thoughts
Moonlight & Mechanicals is book four in the Gaslight Chronicles and has more danger than the previous two books, leaving me with the belief that the Hadrian family attracts more trouble than most Knight families.
I really liked Wink, she was a delightful handful as a teenager but as a woman she was spectacular. She had control of her life and was willing to look at what she wanted and work for it, even if she thought she would fail. The insight into her past was sad but gave her character depth, and her determination to make Liam see her, and to help her old friend, made her an extraordinary protagonist.
Liam had less charaterisation, and yet the detail given to his animalistic side, his jealous, protective and covetous nature as a wolf guarding his desired mate made up for any lack of background.
My biggest complaint with the Gaslight Chronicles, and one I still have with Moonlight & Mechanicals, is the stories are too short. Things progress fair too quickly, and they’re so full of delightful steampunk elements and characters that I wish they could be two or three times longer.
Moonlight & Mechanicals was published in October 2012, and I encourage everyone to start reading the Gaslight Chronicles. Cards and Caravans, I’m guessing it’s Connor’s story but there is no information posted as yet. 


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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