Kristan Higgins

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I first discovered Kristan Higgins when I picked up a copy of Catch of the Day and read it in one sitting. Incidentally, I read it in bed the night before I left for America (my first big holiday with my partner, and my first overseas trip), and Kristan’s books have been a relaxing reminder of my pre-holiday excitement ever since.

What I Like: Kristan Higgins writes beautifully sweet and flawed female heroines, some with a few extra kilos, a kid or a dog with a tendency for chewing shoes, but they are wonderfully real characters that I want to sit and have a class of wine with.

Her heroines, and her heroes, make stupid mistakes, turn away from the people they need most in the world and seem to embarrass themselves with astonishing regularity but if a woman can’t blush with dignity, then she doesn’t deserve her own book. Every time I re-read Higgins books I have a different favourite, but I think Parker Somebody to Love, and Maggie Catch of the Day, are the most endearing.

My favourite thing about Higgins books are the dogs. Every woman, single or not, should have a sweet, naughty, loveable dog to keep them company and love them unconditionally. Angus from Too Good To Be True is a show chewing, man biting terror who provides Grace with the love she needs after her fiance falls in love with her sister.

What I Don’t Like: There’s not a lot to complain about. You get what you want from Higgin’s books, a sweet romantic story with a sexy man and a cute dog. Sometimes the character decisions make you want to tear your hair out and scream ‘Get together already!’, but if a romance doesn’t have bumps in the road, then it’s going to be a pretty boring story.=


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