Earl’s Choice by Jess Michaels

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Review copy shared via NetGalley.

A silly but saucy regency adventure full of danger and dalliances.

The Earl of Bramwell is urged by his mother to marry well and restore the family name and she has her heart set on Princess Ilaria of Athawick.

Ilaria has no wish to be married for duty and struggles to reconcile herself to her fate – relying on her best friend, adopted sister and body double/protector Sasha to enjoy some freedom and excitement before her marriage.

Sasha, feeling like an outsider looking in on the royal family, loves them deeply but feels like something vital is missing from her life. When a chance encounter with the Earl of Bramwell ignites a spark between them, they must choose between duty and love.

Characters: Sasha and Thomas are considerably well rounded for a 202 page romance. They have a history, a family and feelings. Michael’s builds their characters enough for us to believe something is building between the two.

Having not read the first book in this series, the secondary characters feel a little empty. Ilaria is a main character but she and her love interest, and the dangerous situation unfolding around her, happen in another book despite running parallel with this story. It makes it a little hard to enjoy them though the hints at their personalities in Earl’s Choice make them intriguing characters and I’ve added the first book to my ‘to-read’ pile.

Cover thoughts: Easily recognised as a steamy regency romance but I don’t find the models work for me. They seem a little bland compared to the characters within the story. I’m also not a an of the font – it is a little difficult to read. At first glance, I thought I’d requested something in another language. The lettering is inconsistently sized and overly elaborate.

Ultimately, this was a fun read and I’d pickup more from Jess Michaels. It was easy to read and had an engaging, easy to follow but detailed storyline.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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