The Magi Menagerie by Kale Lawrence

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Kale Lawrence. The Magi Menagerie. Book One

Did not finish.

I requested this book from Netgalley because the concept appealed to me. I read 20% and couldn’t continue. It just didn’t grab me – maybe our timing is off and this book and I will need to try again in the future.

I found the dialogue very stilted and unnatural. The phrasing was uncomfortable – can you confiscate features?
“With a profound seriousness confiscating his features, Jonas struggled to meet Diego’s eyes.”

The language was overplayed – “devoured with untamed ferocity” – or overused – “ah, we meet again.”

Every character sounded the same or like an overblown stereotype.

However, the concept felt sound – even this early in the book. I want to know what happens to Ezra. The world building was solid – the Magi history was delivered clearly and enticingly – and I wanted to know how the magic worked and what they could do.

I just struggled with the delivery.

I might pick it up and try again another time but right now I will keep reading other books that already have me hooked.

Cover thoughts: eye-catching and arresting. It has a magical YA film poster feel to it (the font, maybe?) and the gears feel very steampunk magic. I’d definitely pick this cover up in store.


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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