Lore by Alexandra Bracken

Greek mythology meets the Hunger Games in this deadly Olympic game of tag. Win, and you could ascend to Godhood. Lose, and your enemy takes your place.

Lore takes the familiar heroes of Greek mythology and creates competitive linages that fight for, protect, and hunt nine Greek gods who are forced to walk the earth as mortals for one week every seven years.

Lore is the last of the Perseous family and fled the world of the hunt after the brutal murder of her family – until this Agon when the goddess Athena offers her the chance for revenge on the one responsible for their deaths.

What I liked: The pace. The narrative has real momentum – from the moment Lore finds Athena bleeding on her front stoop, the story, the characters and the twists come at you from both angles. The story starts in a boxing match, punching, and weaving away from her opponent and continues in that vein as Lore discovers, investigates and hunts down those who hurt her.

The different take on the mythology, and the powers of the Greek Gods, are fascinating and drove my interest in this story.

What I didn’t like: Despite the pace, a lot of the middle of the book felt like a grind. It was go, go, go but it didn’t really feel like achieving anything. Some of the plans laid out by characters, their actions and their reasonings, didn’t feel natural within the plot or the personality of the character.

I felt a little let down by the lack of connection between the cover and the story. The cover is so focused on Medusa, and while her story had a part to play in Lore’s family history, she wasn’t a key player like I thought she would be.

Conclusion: This book was fine and the cover really grabbed me. It is a really fun, Battle Royale style adventure that is as slippery as the snakes of Medusa’s hair, and is drive as much by the action as it is by Greek history.


Rating: 3 out of 5.


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